Butterflies are the soul of the garden - at least in ancient times the butterfly was considered a symbol of this.
Either way, butterflies bring a smile to almost everyone's face. Everyone likes to have them in their garden, but in fact we see less and less of them. They are very sensitive to the disappearance of pristine nature, to be precise, to the disappearance of landscape structures and of native wild plants.

This already says most of what we can do for the delicate long-tailed moths (the elephants among the insects), for the moths, more prettily put, the moths, for the webs and caterpillars.
We need to create places for them to fill up on food, meaning nectar. We need to give them protected structures where they can overwinter, and for the caterpillars we need to have the "right" plants in the garden so that their metamorphosis can take place at all and the gluttonous larva can transform into this magnificent juggler of the air.

wetlands-mother-of-pearl-butterfly-342160_1920.jpg Emperor cloak (Argynnis paphia)