In our store you will find The Natural Garden Primer - my project during covid. A small compact booklet to further promote the trend towards living and natural gardens (Shop ').


It is intended as a guide to help become specific - in the process of transforming your conventionally planted garden plot, or be it "just" terrace or balcony, into a real habitat for native species of flora and fauna. It was important to me to keep it very hands-on.


Lists of plant species (dt./lat.) for the various locations are included, and all the many ways in which small or larger measures can be taken to make the garden attractive again for animals and plants.


On this occasion, promised, a real nature experience space for us humans, for our children, who in this way, directly in front of the front door again withbebekommen, how nature works and what an adventure it is, if we look closely.

Have fun reading and especially digging in the soil :)


Silke comments, "I just ordered some. The booklet is mega and very lovingly made. It's a complete introduction to the topic of natural gardening. A great gift 😍 "