Butterfly garden

Butterflies are the soul of the garden - at least in ancient times the butterfly was considered a symbol of this.
. Either way, butterflies bring a smil...

26. Oktober 2021 • Barbara Helène

Creating a low-nutrient site

First of all, an important note about the soil. It is often not known that most, i.e. about 1300 of our native plant species prefer a very low-nutrient soil, i....

26. Oktober 2021 • Barbara Helène
Natursteinmauer  im Frühling

Creating a natural stone wall

Natural stone walls are components of all ancient cultural landscapes. They were piled up 'dry', i.e. without mortar, and have fulfilled a wide variety of funct...

26. Oktober 2021 • Barbara Helène
Wildbiene 'Hosenbiene'

Creating a sand bed

About 75% of wild bees, and of course many other insect species such as digger wasps and sand wasps, nest in the soil and often the entire development cycle occ...

26. Oktober 2021 • Barbara Helène

Creating a swamp bed

If you want to create a wetland in your garden, or even just a small wetland/swamp bed, first take a good look around. Maybe there is already a natural depressi...

26. Oktober 2021 • Barbara Helène
Blumenwiese mit Schafgarbe, Klatschmohn, Hornklee, Taubenkropf-Leimkraut Foto: Gabriele Lässer, pixabay

Creating a wildflower meadow

What to say in advance: A lawn and a flower meadow have little to do with each other. Meadows are the result of decades or even centuries of **farm management**...

26. Oktober 2021 • Barbara Helène

Living deadwood

Set aside a small corner in your garden for deadwood. Deadwood is the foundation for new life and one of the most valuable habitats of all. The biodiversity inv...

26. Oktober 2021 • Barbara Helène
Amsel mit Leuzismus-Mutation

Our soil

The vitality of the soil is a prerequisite for our survival. If we exploit the soils and weaken or kill the soil life, the nutrient cycles no longer function an...

26. Oktober 2021 • Barbara Helène

Where the wild flowers blossom

**A few weeks on the Swedish island of Öland.**
Öland, the second largest Swedish island looks a bit like a slipper animal tilted from the north/south axi...

26. Oktober 2021 • Barbara Helène
Weißdornblüte  (Crataegus monogyna)

Woody plants for small gardens

Small gardens need slow-growing and small-crowned trees that are not oversized, even when fully grown.
A common misconception is that you can keep a tree s...

26. Oktober 2021 • Barbara Helène
Berberitzenblüte mit Gehörnter Mauerbiene (Osmia cornuta)

Promoting biodiversity with wild plants

We're all excited about colorful flowering corners and meadows that are buzzing with life. Does it matter which plants we bring into our garden? The main thin...

16. Oktober 2021 • Barbara Helène